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February 22nd, 2005

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02:42 am - BORED!!!
I have been so bored lately. I haven't been able to play my SWG game in almost 3 weeks. I'm having some sort of problem with my computer. It was working fine until the game did it's update, then it wouldn't log on to the server. After that, my computer started running really slow. I talked to the tech support people with SOE and they told me that if I have McAfee I need to uninstall it... that it's the cause of the problem. Well... stupid me listened to the dumb asses. It didn't work... my SWG game is still not working and my computer is still running slow. I tried reinstalling McAfee via AOL... since it's free with them, but it didn't work. I called AOL tech support and they told me to uninstall all the AOL and try reinstalling it. I did and when I go to click on the AOL icon, it tells me that some files need to be downloaded for the system to work so I download them. After it tells me to restart my computer so I do that. Then when I click the AOL icon again... it does the same dame crap over and over and over. I tried calling the AOL tech support people again but everytime they try and put me through to another person, they end up hanging up on me. WTF?!?!
So basically I was without any protection for my computer. I went through the company that I have my cable modem with (COX communications) and they have a free virus, firewall, etc thing. I download all that stuff and run the scan to see if there's viruses... there was like 4 so I got rid of those suckers. My SWG game is still not working and my computer is still hella slow. I don't know WTF is up but I want this shit fixed... and NOW!!!!
Why can't there be some program that will work and not screw up my computer? And why aren't there tech support people that actually know what the heck they are talking about? Why do people that you are paying money to have something that works not care that what you are paying for doesn't work wother shit? I mean come on... I'm not paying for a service that doesn't work! I'm not paying to play a game that I can't play! Why can't this shit work?!?! All I want is for my computer to be running like normal, for it to be protected against viruses and other shit like that, and to be able to play my SWG game!!!
I so don't want to pay for some retard that will end up screwing my computer up even more to come and... well... screw it up more! If anyone has any advice... I'd really appreciate it. I'm about to go crazy. I think I've tried everything I can think of to fix this problem. I've defragged my computer like 6 times, I've deleted shit that I don't need or that I don't think I need anymore, I've even done a cleanup of my computer, and I have called like 3 different tech support people (SOE, AOL, Compaq). Why oh why won't my computer run normal and my game work?
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